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Impact Hub Jakarta was born...

We found a perfect location and the perfect partners to make a dream come true.

In 2016, our focus shifted to becoming a part of the Global Impact Hub Family, and finding the right place and the right people to birth the Jakarta chapter. We discovered in the founders of CoworkInc, Jakarta's best coworking space, the perfect partners. They were old family friends, passionate about social enterprise and eco tourism, and dedicated to supporting a new generation of Indonesian entrepreneurs who wished to change Indonesia and the world. We started hosting Social Enterprise events and ecotourism events on a more regular basis at Beehive, and experimented with hosting similar events at CoworkInc.

We entered the extensive and grueling application process for opening up an Impact Hub, and won the rights for the wider Jakarta area. We drafted an extensive feasibility study complete with financial projections, market analysis, ecosystem maps, marketing plans, and even made a video submission. The license was granted towards the end of the year, and we opened up officially as Impact Hub Jakarta @ CoworkInc in June of 2017.