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    Project Evo is a hypothesis for how we can evolve the world.


    Together, we are building a global network of hubs, villages, and evolutionary jedis. We are globally minded and locally active. Sustainable Evolution is our focus. Without violence, we are committed to a global evolution and we are determined to do whatever we can to get there.

  • Project Evo's objective: awesome sustainable evolution

    We are building an alliance of evolutionary jedis who are dreaming and manifesting the new models

    We have a lot of questions

    There's a lot that seems to be 'wrong' with the world. It's pretty clear that we humans have trashed the environment pretty badly so far. We've cut down the rainforests and jungles, we've poisoned the rivers, seas and oceans, we've sucked out half the oil and a massive amount of precious minerals, gasses, metals and other resources - all within the span of a few hundred years. A blink of an eye in Earths xx billion year history. We've trashed our home.


    Twenty thousand people a day die of hunger, unnecessarily. The world seems highly unjust, with a tiny portion of the population 'owning' the vast majority of the earth's resources, and billions in poverty. The freedom of information and speech made possible via advances in technology - and the resulting worldwide access to this information in videos, images, and words - has resulted in an awareness and curiosity about why the world is the way it is.


    Why is the world in such an unsustainable, violent, and unjust state? How did we get here? What are the global power structures that have determined our evolutionary path in the last few hundred years? How can we quickly and effectively shift to a more evolved world? How can we as individuals make a difference? How can we collaborate to get ourselves out of this mess before it's too late?

    Charting the course of our evolution is our focus

    Project Evo is about recognizing that our current environmental and humanitarian crisis is a wake up call. It's an invitation to all of us to wake up, reflect on why things are the way they are, come to an educated and logical understanding of the challenges we face ~ and to commit to being a part of the solution to those challenges. To chart our evolutionary course, we begin with the question of where we'd like to go. What's our destination? What kind of a world would we love to live in? It's time to build a shared vision for humanity and life on planet Earth.

    Project Evo's Hypothesis

    If our objective (and need?) is a more sustainable world, an obvious place to look for examples is sustainability centers / models. Eco or sustainable tourism, lodges, resorts, villages, and city centers are great starting points. Thousands of sustainability projects exist that have demonstrated harmonious living with nature in inspirational and practical ways that can be replicated.


    Let's identify and empower individuals and enterprises that offer solutions for financial and exchange systems like barter and bitcoin, clean energy technologies like solar power, batteries, and efficient appliances, experts in natural health and medicine, permaculture farmers, eco architects, creative producers of sustainable products, holistic teachers, and other evolutionary wizards. Let's learn from and engage with all the sustainability and evolutionary knowledge and technology experts from around the world. Let's support and celebrate these real life solutions to our common challenges, and help spread them as far and wide as possible. The solutions to our shared challenges exist. We just have to find them, connect them, and empower them. And when we say 'them' we mean us.


    A key part of the philosophy behind project evo resides in the truth that we are all one. We are different, and we are one. Unity in diversity. We will forgive, and we might forget, but we will stand for evolution. We will fight to protect our earth and our brothers and sisters, but we will not fight with violence. We're not here to fight anyone ~ we're here to band together, commit, and collaborate on evolving our world to reflect the shared wishes and visions of humanity.


    Project Evo's hypothesis is that by identifying, connecting and supporting local and global pioneers with city based hubs and regional evo villages to collaborate in supplying people around the world with evolutionary and sustainable knowledge, tools, products and services that we can begin using regularly towards creating a net positive impact environmentally, socially, and spiritually, we can empower humanity to shift to a sustainable existence and thrive.

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    The Challenge is Real

    We live in exciting times. Before we go extinct, it might be good to band together to evolve the way we live. If we don't, it seems clear that humanity is destined to go the way of the dinosaur...

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    It seems clear to us that we can tackle this challenge...


    Evo is a platform that empowers consciousness, connects likeminded communities and demonstrates practical solutions towards more sustainable and evolved living.


    We do this through our online community & marketplace, villages, resorts and urban hubs around the world.


  • Project Evo's Theory of Evolution

    Evo Villages   x   Evo Hubs   x   Evo Web Platform   =   rapid, effective, and unstoppable global evolution

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    rural heavens

    Pioneering 'villages' around the world, within 2 hours of major cities, demonstrating sustainable, evolved living.  

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    city based community centers

    Community centers that offer a haven for city dwellers, a destination that offers a place to get creative, to hang out, to meet other folks, and to collaborate on projects

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    inspirational city escapes

    Vacations within easy access to population centers where weekend escapes, team building outings, field trips for students, and innovation lab for pioneers serves the public's curiosity about sustainable evolution.

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    an integrated platform for evolution

    The internet gateway to the philosophy, and an invitation for everyone with web access to participate in building the new models that will render the old obsolete. 


    Why Indonesia? Because its home to the worlds most biologically and culturally diverse region on the planet. Indonesia's national motto is 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' or Unity in Diversity. Behind China, India, and the United States, Indonesia ranks fourth in world population, and has within her archipelago the world's most critical coral reefs and rainforests.

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    Our original playground and lab for evolved living

    Our first pilot project dates back 12 years to 2006. Now one of the world's most sustainable islands, on the doorstep of the capital of South East Asia, Pulau Macan is a highly popular eco resort village that inspires many to know that sustainable living is possible and super nice.

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    A project in the heart of a more holistic silicon valley

    Our nomadic homebase is one of the sweetest places in the world: the outskirts of Ubud, Bali. A global center for plant-based wholesome foods, spiritual practices, international communities, digital entrepreneurship, and enveloped by a rich and ancient culture, Ubud is an evolutionary hub for change agents from around the planet. Here, some of us also steward Indonesia's first modern eco village - the Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood.

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    A sustainability center in one of the worlds most unsustainable cities

    Indonesia's capital city, home to tens of millions, is where we have chosen to experiment with our first evo hub - a sustainability and social enterprise center for all of Indonesia with a focus on helping Jakarta to become an evolved, truly green, and truly sustainable city.


    Meet the ninjas behind the scenes. We are real people, just like you. And we've chosen the road less travelled. Who are you?

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    Jedi Apprentice

    Global citizen with European and American Heritage born and raised in Indonesia and driven to help evolve humanity while having fun.

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    Jedi Master

    Global Nomad with bases in Asia, Australia, America, and Europe. Health & Wellness master, and advisor in diverse, evolutionary projects around the world.

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    Tech Ninja

    Sustainability and Eco Village enthusiast with a background in SAP, enterprise resource management, tech consulting, and permaculture.

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    Evolutionary Leader

    Global Nomad based in Bali with Singaporean American background, and an organizational master. Eco Village builder, blockchain enthusiast, web master, and inspiring leader.

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    Blockchain & Tech Wizard

    Genius Renaissance Man with skills in multimedia, computers, motorcycle racing, philosophy, blockchain, cryptocurrency, intentional communities, and wearing sarongs.

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    Yes, you

    Are you driven to apply your genius towards manifesting visions for a saner, more peaceful, and more prosperous existence? Are you ready to join us on a fun, evolutionary, epic quest ?

  • Our Inspirations & Global Partners

    Project Evo has been inspired by many visionaries, projects, and globally focused initiatives

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    Global EcoVillage Network

    A resilient and truly global organization

    GEN builds bridges between policy-makers, governments, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs, activists, community networks and ecologically-minded individuals across the globe in order to develop strategies for a global transition to resilient communities and cultures.

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    Impact Hub

    A global model for city based impact

    One of the most mature movements to surf the drive to create, nurture, and empower city based movements for positive impact in the world. We're deploying this model in Jakarta and teaming up with Impact Hub Global on the global tech platform connecting pioneers and change agents around the world.

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    The Thrive Movement

    A solutions platform with promise

    We loved the Thrive Movie, and got super excited about the thrive solutions groups forming around the world. We believe this movement has captured most of the essence of how we can evolve to transform life on planet earth to reflect humanity's shared visions.  The platform lacks physical hubs and an economically viable solution, but they've got the thinking right. 

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    New Earth Project

    A beautiful, intelligent vision

    Our friends at New Earth Project have been dreaming up a similar vision and have expressed and supported it so beautifully and eloquently. They have a global reach, an amazing team, and we'd like to support them to connect to awesome, existing physical hubs around the world. They are just getting started with real enterprises, and we are excited to watch, support, and learn from these models.

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    The Zeitgeist Movement

    A video series that opened our eyes

    One of the best ways to inspire awareness and a drive for evolutionary progress is through media, and specifically, movies.  These guys mastered this and created a massive global movement.  

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    Nu Mundo

    A platform to connect hubs to volunteers

    With networks across South and North America, Nu Mundo promises to be a platform that connects change makers in this most critical region.  Epitomizing the culture and catering towards our tribe of nomads, this platform is a key element in connecting pioneers with awesome projects and physical hubs.  

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    The Venus Project

    A visionary blueprint for humanity

    Jaque Frescoe is the coolest 90 yr old we know.  You can't study the evolutionary impulse and associated strategies without exploring the Venus Project.  It might be far-fetched and without existing commercially viable models, but it is a vision to deeply consider as we navigate the chaos. 


    We're looking for pioneers in sustainability and social entrepreneurship around the world who believe in a new model for creating large scale change. If you are impact oriented, if you're involved with an eco village or accommodation / resort, if you're involved with a city based community center, if you're an expert in being awesome and have jedi like consulting skills, if you make wholesome, good products, or if your a digital / technological ninja ~ we're interested in partnering with you. 

  • "Z" ~ Blog

    Updates & Camp Fire Stories from the Field

    In the darkness, we have found lighthouses in cities, in valleys, on islands, and on the foothills of mountains around the world. We have scoured the internet, books, and the brains and hearts of friends to identify some of the most inspirational eco villages, eco resorts, and city based hubs in...
    In 2016, our focus shifted to becoming a part of the Global Impact Hub Family, and finding the right place and the right people to birth the Jakarta chapter. We discovered in the founders of CoworkInc, Jakarta's best coworking space, the perfect partners. They were old family friends, passionate...
    After taking a bit of a break from developing the web platform and building our database for Indonesia, we re-started Project Evo and decided to bring in some amazing people from around the world for our first gathering. We blocked the island and spent 3 amazing days together brainstorming,...