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Evo Gathering #1, Pulau Macan

We convened a tribe of experts, visionaries, and close friends

After taking a bit of a break from developing the web platform and building our database for Indonesia, we re-started Project Evo and decided to bring in some amazing people from around the world for our first gathering. We blocked the island and spent 3 amazing days together brainstorming, building bonds, dancing, and laying out plans for evo villages, evo hubs, and the evo web platform.

We formed teams and put together pitch decks with a focus towards launching the basic iterations of each enterprise. The Evo Villages team focused on an 8 HA island near Pulau Macan and developed a master plan and financial projection, and went into talks with island owners. The Evo Hubs team focused on re-branding Beehive to Botanika, drew up renovation and construction plans, and designed a co-working space to act as the sustainability innovation hub for Jakarta. We also focused on applying for the Impact Hub Jakarta license, and started to put a team together and research potential locations.

The Evo Web team decided to focus on an e-commerce market place that integrated cryptocurrency and sustainability rankings, making it easy for people everywhere to find sustainable products and get them delivered to their doorsteps.

It was an epic gathering, and there was real excitement.