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A new, permanent homebase in Bali

Our co-founder bought land, started building, and served on the Council of Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood - a modern permaculture project on the outskirts of Ubud

While Michi Village was on hold, we were eager to establish a permanent homebase and found out through friends about an amazing permaculture inspired project called Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood (TPEN). There was a group of friends, Indonesian and Internationals, who were behind the project - all with amazing skills and aligned values. It was the most modern and exciting eco village project in the country (still is?), and it served as a learning ground in the design, building, and stewardship of a real eco village.

Project Evo involved Petra and Mel, the two founders of Alam Santi, the company that designed and initiated the TPEN project. Together we worked on various projects including the design of an eco retreat on the side of TPEN, a web platform for sustainable tourism, and blended the learning from Pulau Macan with TPEN to update the concept paper for evo villages.


Over the course of the last half of 2014 and the first half of 2015, we continued improving Pulau Macan and adjusting to new ways of doing business with the family. We continued hosting events and installing improvements at Beehive, and faced a massive challenge from a city project to install an overhead railway on our street, which caused some of the worst traffic jams in Jakarta. We explored opening up a co-working space that was more central in the form of an Impact Hub, and merging Beehive Cafe with Impact Hub Jakarta to plug into an international network of changemakers. We started looking into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as answers to the global financial system. We worked on Taman Petanu to encourage plot owners to build sustainably, and oversaw the construction of a biopool, and ampitheatre, and our two storey office, cafe and multipurpose room.